Use the handy truck finance and commercial vehicle finance calculator for an estimation of the monthly repayment instalment for your selected MAN truck or bus.


Please note: this monthly loan repayment calculator offers an estimation only. Calculated results are not guaranteed and are subject to Terms and Conditions as well as credit approval by MAN Financial Services. To access additional information on our range of finance packages please contact your nearest MAN Financial Services advisor.

Because we support you in making your projects projectable and calculable the truck finance calculator on this page is presented for your convenience. Use it to get an initial impression of affordability.

Discuss the results of your calculation with one of our MAN Financial Services advisors who would be happy to assist you with a comprehensive solution subject to our Terms and Conditions and credit approval.

Whether buying a bus or truck from MAN Truck & Bus South Africa, choose from our range of financing products: lease options, rentals, instalment sales, insurance. Benefit from our many years of experience and expertise. Our close proximity to MAN Automotive means MAN Financial Services South Africa are able to you unique industry- and commercial vehicle expertise which means our customers can rely on our services.

We guarantee you competitive market prices, personal contact, customised solutions, transparency, short lines of communication and quick decision making.

Make use of the truck finance calculator on this page to estimate the financing repayment on your MAN Automotive vehicle of choice.

Find out which of our truck and bus financing options best suits the unique needs of your business. Simplify your monthly budgeting with our Instalment Sale option. Let your asset reflect on your balance sheet: finance charges and depreciation are fully tax deductible. VAT is capitalised upfront, except for subsidised bus transporters. With our Lease solution, for trucks and busses, you have the option of eventual ownership at the end of the finance term. VAT is claimable if the vehicle is used for income-generating purposes.

Our Rental and Full Maintenance Lease (FML) solutions offer you a convenient and cost-effective solution for commercial vehicle rentals. Use your MAN truck, or bus, for a period which is normally shorter than the vehicle’s anticipated useful life. You have no risk in terms of asset disposal. VAT is not capitalised upfront but is payable monthly and Rentals are fully deductible as an operating expense.

Minimise downtime when accidents occur with our tailor-made Insurance options. We keep the wheels turning with insurance for commercial vehicles from MAN Automotive. When accidents occur we are at your side by ensuring that downtime is kept at a minimum, warranties are upheld and workmanship is guaranteed. We take a Risk Management approach in advising customers on adopting effective operational and security measures. The objective is to significantly reduce accidents and losses as well as mechanical downtime.

Start the journey of developing your business in the Transportation Industry with MAN Financial Services South Africa.